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Make Success a Part of your Routine

Nothing is more motivating than progress.

Seeing yourself succeed relights your internal flame, validates all of your past effort, and drives you to continue towards your goals.

So how can you ensure success becomes a normal part of your routine? Track metrics. If you're not tracking metrics that relate to your goal, then you never know if you're making any progress. After you set clear goals for yourself, the next step should be to sit down and write out what you're going to measure to know if you are making progress.

Some things you can measure:

  • Body weight

  • Circumference measurements

  • Body fat percentage

  • Energy levels

  • Mood

  • Sleep

  • Photos

  • Workout compliance

  • Hunger levels

  • Strength advancements: weight, total volume, rep maxes

You can't expect to design the perfect plan from the get go, a truly great plan is constantly adjusted based on feedback. If you're seeing the results you're looking for, awesome, keep doing what you're doing. If not, then make changes to your plan and reassess.

To know what you need to change, look back at your plan and metrics. There are 3 explanations for why you aren't seeing the results you want. Were your expectations too high? If your goal was to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, then you probably fell short. Was your execution inadequate? If you weren't able to consistently stick to your plan then the results won't follow. Was your plan inadequate? Your plan needs to be set on sound principles; look back at your original plan and make some modifications.

Remember to choose something that aligns with your goal so you know if your behaviors are driving you to success. It's time to become an outcome-based decision maker who regularly celebrates self success!

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