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Active Wave

At Active Wave, we believe success comes from progress. We know that life gets crazy and often our health and fitness goals can fall to the side. We aren’t celebrities or athletes with the ability to dedicate our entire lives and finances to exercising and eating right all of the time, we have to fit it into our already hectic schedules. We don’t strive for instant perfection, instead we work to be a little bit better every day. It’s these small improvements day after day that lead us to lasting success.

Caleb Bostic

Like many people, my fitness journey started early as a young kid. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado offers a lot of opportunities to be active (one of the reasons I'm still here!) and I started competitive sports, skiing, biking, and hiking early; thanks mom and dad! Actually, one of the reasons I love working with parents is to see the values and benefits of an active lifestyle passed on to their kids.

Unfortunately, things got a little rocky for me in my senior year of high school. I had watched my brother receive a college athletics scholarship the year before and I had big plans for myself. But going into two-a-days I shattered my ankle, sidelining me, and this foundation I had built on being active started to show cracks. That same year, both of my parents had full hip replacements and those cracks began to widen (we were making our physical therapist pretty happy though). Injuries forced me out of college athletics and not knowing where else to turn, I got into lifting. It was a great outlet for me and I started to spend all my free time in the gym. Unfortunately being young, and not having any coaching or much to go on besides Arnold's Encyclopedia, I quickly developed debilitating tendonitis in my shoulders and elbows. Once again I found myself sitting on the sidelines.

All of these injuries fueled a passion in me to fix these problems. It drove me to specialize in corrective exercise and really pursue helping people not only get moving, but move better. I know in hindsight that if someone would have had the conversation with my parents 10 years prior to their surgeries and offered them a solution to avoid those, they would have jumped on it.

That's what I want to offer to all of my clients. A better solution to look better, move better, and feel better.

— Caleb Bostic, Active Wave Founder and Lead Trainer

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