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Are you struggling to make healthy changes that last?
Get everything you need to build

a healthy routine with

AW Foundations

Our 8 week jump start program designed to help you look better, move better, feel better, and continue to make progress for life.

You want to live healthier, you've tried working out and all the latest diets, but nothing seems to stick. Life keeps getting in the way and despite your best intentions, you're never able to make changes that last.

Don't worry, our foundations program is full of people in the same place you are.

This program is designed to help you develop the 3 key pieces to living healthy and achieving your fitness goals:

  • Functional, movement based training programs

  • A strong social support network of like minded individuals

  • Healthy nutritional habits to help you move out of the "diet culture" and make healthier choices in any situation

Let's move past good intentions, stop waiting for tomorrow, and make progress today.

Functional Movement
Based Training
Social Support
Healthy Nutritional
Healthy Lifestyle



Book a Consultation

Schedule a 10 minute phone call to discuss your goals and learn our onboarding process.


Join the AW

Complete your free consultation and choose a program that fits your goals and needs.


Find Success

Through Progress

Work with our coaches to implement your plan and reach your goals. 

Why do we have such a hard time making changes?

Trying to do too much.

We’ve heard it a thousand times. “I’m ready to live a healthier life, I’ve got a new exercise program, a new diet, and these sweet new yoga plans. My life is going to be different from now on.” Where do we find you in 6 months? Having made no progress and feeling even worse from your lack of success. Trying to change too much at once mostly leaves us overwhelmed and unable to successfully change anything at all.

Still doing the same things.

Have you been doing the same routine in the gym since college? How’s that working out for you? Our guess, not so well. You probably have nagging injuries and aren’t seeing results like you used to “when you were younger”. If you want to make a change and what you’re doing hasn’t been working, it’s time to make changes to what you’re doing.

Don’t know what to do.

You can go online right now and grab a workout that was designed for a performance enhanced bodybuilder, or a diet for a bikini model to prepare for a photo shoot, but is that right for you? Or does it leave you at the gym wondering what the heck a “Split Stance Dumbbell Clean from Eccentric Isometric RDL” is and how to do it?

Don’t have time.

We get it, life is crazy. Work is stressful, home life is stressful, you barely have time to make coffee in the morning, let alone make healthy meals and get to the gym. If you just had a plan that fit into your busy life that could get you feeling better and looking better without having to live at the gym and eat boiled chicken and veggies for every meal.

AW Foundations is the solution

The AW Foundations program is designed to provide you with a solid base to live a healthy life. We include everything you need to move, eat, and live better, and be able to maintain and continue to make steady progress for life. You’ll learn and develop foundational skills including movement patterns, eating habits, stress coping mechanisms and sleep aids. Enough wondering if you’re doing the right thing, spinning your wheels without gaining traction. Learn the behaviors you need so you can make healthy living work for you even with your busy life. These habits will become integrated into your routine so you can conquer any situation and celebrate continual success. No more waiting for everything to be perfect to make progress.

What you get

8 weeks of intelligent, movement specific workouts designed to help you move better, gain muscle, and lose fat without living in the gym. You’ll have 3 full body workouts a week with a mix of mobility, strength, and conditioning all programmed to get you not only looking but moving better.

online training, active wave, personal training

Recovery days and optional conditioning days to keep you on track and shred fat without losing muscle.

Full coaching with a plan designed for your success. Stop wondering if what you’re doing is going to work for you. We’ll be tracking your progress with metrics including, strength, body composition, and biomarkers.

online training, active wave, personal training

If you have questions, you’ll have 24/7 access to our coaching platform to keep you moving forward. You’ll join our group of other people just like you who are going through the foundations program to help encourage you and keep you accountable.

Video demonstrations of every exercise complete with full coaching cues, so you know exactly how to perform each exercise without having to guess if your form is correct or going to leave you injured.

Step by step habit-based approach to a healthy life. You’ll be working on specific habits every week to build skills that you’ll be able to maintain for life. Enough of the crash diets that leave you with cravings and put you right back where you were before you started. Learn how to simplify eating to make food work for you in every situation, no matter what your busy life throws at you.

online training, active wave, personal training

Who is AW Foundations for?

You’re ready to start fishing and stop being fed.

At Active Wave we're all about coaching, not just running you through a workout or handing you a meal plan. We’re not here to simply give you the fish, we want to teach you the skills you need to catch the fish and keep yourself fed for life. If you’re tired of following an 8 week “shred” program that leaves you wondering “what’s next?” and right back where you started, then this program is for you.

You want to look better, move better, and feel better.

This program is designed to help you gain muscle and lose fat, and the best way to do that is to be able to continue to exercise without nagging injuries. Our movement-based approach will keep you in the gym and out of the doctor’s office.

You’re not sure where to start with the whole healthy living thing.

This program has everything you need to build a foundation to move better, eat better, and live better.

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