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Kinetisense & Active Wave

We're excited to announce the addition of Kinetisense screening into our assessment and training protocols at Active Wave!

Kinetisense is a revolutionary functional movement technology designed to be a portable biomechanics lab.

What does that really mean? We can show you the movement issues that are causing all of your aches and pains!

Here are a few of the capabilities of the Kinetisense system:

  • 3D Range of Motion - Assessments of over 48 ranges of motion to identify key areas for improvement.

  • 3D Posture - Reduce future injury and promote wellness by collecting accurate and objective key posture information.

  • 3D Functional Movement - Analyze hundreds of movement variations to create customized functional movement assessments based on your needs.

  • 3D Balance - A standardized, precise, and objective movement assessment for balance is.

  • KAMS - The KAMS module analyzes 12 movements in under 3 minutes to teach fundamental movement patterns.

  • Single Leg Hop - Identify risk of ACL injury before it happens by analyzing the biomechanics of the take off and landing mechanics.

  • GAIT & Risk of Fall - Efficiently and accurately assess walking, running, performance, and risk of falling with Kinetisense as it analyzes gait parameters.

We've always believed in not only helping our clients move, but move better. With Kinetisense we'll be able to objectively track and show our clients their quality of movement.

Another step in providing the best technology with the best coaches to get the best results!


Want help becoming the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of you?

Most of us know that eating well, regular activity, and managing our sleep and stress levels are important for a healthy life. Still, we struggle to apply that information into our already busy lives. That's why the Active Wave coaching programs help you create a strategy to lose fat, get stronger, and improve your health, all in the context of your own life. We know that's the only way to keep those changes for good, no matter what situation you're in. If you'd like to chat about how you can start to change your life and reach your health and fitness goals, book a free, 10 minute call with one of our coaches today!

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