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3 Supplements Everyone Should Own

If you look at nutritional data, there are three big gaps that almost everyone has in their diet. We like to have supplements on hand to fill these gaps when:

You're traveling

You have to skip a meal

You eat out

Or any other time you're missing these nutrients in your day.

Protein Supplement

The recommended daily dose of protein for most active individuals is at least one g/lb of body mass. On average, women are getting between 80 to 100 grams of protein a day and typically men get between 110 and 130 grams per day.

Not enough!

Protein is the most important macro that we get right, so make sure to have a protein supplement on hand.

Fish Oil Supplement

The fats that we intake are inversely proportionate to how we want them to be.

We're getting too many omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3 fatty acids.

We need to flip that.

The recommended EPA and DHA intake is 900mg per day. Most people are only getting 300mg.

Evening out that ration will bring inflammatory fatty acids down and bring up anti-inflammatory acids, which is really important for our health.

Green Food Supplement

The recommended fruit and vegetable intake is three to five servings per day, but only 3% of men are hitting that number and only 7% of women.

Having a green food supplement in your cupboard can help you reach those minimums.

Use Supplements as Supplements

If you're hitting the necessary intake on a day, you don't need to use supplements to hit your goals.

Whole foods provide more benefits to your body than the processed versions found in supplements. The more you can get these nutrients from whole food sources the better.

But, we all know that there are times when we're not quite reaching those nutritional guidelines. It's important to have these supplements readily available so that we can continue to hit those nutritional goals.

Where do all of the other supplements come in? We recommend additional supplements on an individual basis, whereas these three supplements everyone can have on hand because the data is showing nearly everyone is falling short of nutritional guidelines.


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