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The Best Way to Workout

EMS training is the best training modality out there right now.

We're not going to cover how EMS training works, or if EMS training works. If you want to learn about that stuff, check out some of our other resources.

Today, I want to talk about why EMS training is the best training modality out there for the general population.

We've talked about all of the benefits of EMS training in the past . It's super quick compared to traditional weight training. We can do a workout unloaded, so extremely joint-friendly and we're able to correct muscle imbalances very quickly because of the way that we're stimulating the muscle.

None of those reasons are the reasons why I think EMS training is the best modality out there right now.

Let's say you've been going to the gym, you've been hitting the weights three times a week, over six months. It's entirely possible that you spent that six months without seeing any results.

That's because many people are either too afraid to lift heavy enough or lift hard enough, or they don't know what that feels like in the gym. They don't know what it feels like to lift to fatigue and they don't know how much weight is enough weight to create change.

So you're hitting the weights consistently, but not doing enough to create stimulus, to create change in the muscle. That means it's entirely possible to spend all that time in the gym without seeing any results.

Those fears are not unwarranted! We want to make sure we're lifting with correct form, especially when we get to the heavy enough weights or we're getting to muscle fatigue. If we're not quite sure what we're doing, it's very likely that we are going to end up injured.

But that creates this problem where we're spending time in the gym without seeing the results that we want.

This is where EMS training has a huge advantage over weight training.

Because we have control over the intensities that we're sending to each individual muscle group, it's very easy for us to just take that up to a strong contraction that the individual can feel without them feeling like they're going to hurt themselves.

With EMS training we have a number readout of the percentage of simulation that is sent to the muscle. So, when you're trying to progress, you don't have to wonder how much weight to add on, or how many reps is enough. With EMS, we just turn up the stimulation and you can feel the intensity increase. You can feel where the tipping point is, where you're achieving a strong muscle contraction, but still in control.

That makes it easy to get enough stimulation to the muscle to see results quickly without the client having to worry about if they're going to get hurt, or any other variables.

If you're someone who's been struggling with going to the gym and not seeing great results, or if you're a person who goes to the gym and is afraid to lift too heavy or afraid to injure themselves, I highly recommend you try EMS training.


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