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Stop spending Hours in the Gym with XBody

How long do you normally spend at the gym? An hour, 90 minutes, 2 hours?

Between driving to the gym, changing, warming up, working out, showering, and heading home, you’re likely spending way more time than you’d like just trying to get in a simple workout.

And you’re not alone.

Lack of time is one of the top reasons people don’t exercise. You’ve got too much going on already that your health gets put on the back burner. Unfortunately, when your health suffers all other aspects of your life start to suffer. Your hormones get out of whack, you can’t sleep, you’re stressed, you get sick easily, you add unwanted body fat, you know the routine.

You need a workout plan that fits your already busy lifestyle, you need XBody.

XBody uses EMS technology to stimulate your muscles for a more efficient and effective workout. No longer do you need to spend hours a week in the gym, with only 2, 20-minute sessions a week with XBody you can achieve the same results.

stimulate your muscles in a nonregular order

Your muscles are made up of different types of muscles fibers. Type I (slow twitch) and Type II (fast twitch). During traditional workouts, your body will utilize the slow twitch muscle fibers first, and when those are fatigued it will recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers.

With EMS training, the motor neurons connected to the muscles are stimulated directly, meaning we're stimulating all the muscle fibers from the very beginning of the workout. Where you would normally have to perform multiple sets and reps to fatigue all the muscle fibers, we can fatigue the muscle fibers in just a couple of minutes. It also allows for a stronger muscle contraction than weight training meaning we can do significantly fewer total reps to elicit the same response.

Full body stimulation

In the XBody suit all the electrodes are firing for the entire length of the workout. That means when we’re doing bicep curls, the glutes are still firing, and the abs, and chest, and everything else. Not only does that allow for more muscle development in less time, but it also greatly increases the metabolic output during a workout, increasing the calories burned during training.

Increased muscle damage

One of the main ways your body stimulates muscle growth is through muscle damage and repair. Essentially your body breaks down muscles fibers and repairs them to be thicker, creating larger muscles.

With XBody, because we are working more muscle fibers, a greater amount of tissue damage takes place during a workout. If ample recovery is allowed to repair this muscle damage, we can create a more significant response in muscle growth. Just 2, 20 minute workouts a week is enough to increase lean muscle mass.

Want to try XBody for yourself? We're offering free trial sessions to the first 15 Denver residents who schedule before July 31st! Sign up here!

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