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You don’t have to look like a fitness model to be fit.

You don't even have to love working out! Social media flaunts chiseled bodies, 6 pack abs, and, big booties, but that's not what makes a person fit or healthy. In fact, a lot of those photos are a result of intense short-term dieting that is neither healthy nor sustainable. You never get to see the circumstances surrounding those photos; a quick pump up before the shot, photo editing, lighting or performance enhancing drugs.

If that body image is enticing for you, think about why? Is looking like that going to make you happier? In my experience, no. There is more to you than your body, so don’t let other people, or yourself, pass judgment solely on the way you look. Dig deeper into what being healthy and fit looks like to you, and why it’s important to your life.

Don’t get sucked into the social media frenzy.

For me personally, being fit means continuing to be able to move pain free and enjoying activities I love, like skiing, basketball, soccer, without ever having to complain of feeling like I’m getting old.

Here’s what some of my clients say being fit and healthy looks like to them:

Healthy, sustainable eating habits.

  • You’re not stuck on a strict restrictive diet. You have a strong foundation of healthy eating habits that you can take with you into any situation. When a less than ideal situation presents itself, you can find ways to be just a little healthier.

Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full.

  • You know what hunger feels like and the difference between true hunger and a passing stomach growl. You stop eating when you’re full, before becoming stuffed.

Know your own body and what works for you, don’t fall for every emerging fad.

  • Not every fitness or nutrition trend should be ignored, in fact improved technology and research continues to give us valuable tools. But what works is usually a simple, easy to follow plan, and consistency in your daily actions.

Enjoying the food and activities you love without feeling guilt or losing control.

  • Cravings are a cruel cycle of feeling out of control, guilt, and shame. Break free from that cycle by learning to enjoy the food and activities you love without feeling guilty, knowing you’re still in control, and not needing indulge all the time.

Being active outside the gym.

  • You don’t only work out to get better at working out, the gym provides some useful tools, but you exercise to be able to do all the awesome activities life presents you with.

Mentally strong.

  • You have a balance between good stress and bad stress to avoid boredom or burn outs. You respond positively to stress with tools to effectively deal with stress and obstacles as they appear.

This is what the fit list looks like in the Profectus Family, and what I help clients to achieve. What does being fit mean to you?

If you need some help with any items on the list, book a free consultation call, I’d love to help you out!

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