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The Best Workout Routine for CEOs, and Busy People Like You

Doing anything well requires energy, and you have more energy when you’re fit. It can still feel overwhelming trying to make time to exercise but look at the routine of top CEOs and all are making time to stay active.

Treat your body like you would treat your business, make time for the essentials and cut out the rest of the fluff.

I promise you’ll get a much greater return from 20 minutes of exercise than from 20 minutes of emails or sitting in meetings.

Focus on full body workouts based on foundational movement patterns and scheduling time for your favorite activities outside the gym. The gym time will help keep you strong and fit for the activities you love like rock climbing, skiing, running, biking, playing with kids or pets, hiking, surfing, swimming, sports, boxing, dance, walking, or whatever it is. And activities outside of the gym will keep you moving in different ways to keep your body strong while improving your mood, mental health, and helping you destress.

Your goal at the gym should be to get good at a few exercises and progress them over time to increase strength and stability. You don’t need to perform 30 different exercises every day, keep it simple and focus on effort and technique.

You can progress exercises in several ways, but start with these: increasing weight, performing more work in less time, increasing reps at the same weight, increasing sets at the same weight.

Your workouts should be performed two to three times per week and should include the following movement patterns: push, pull, squat, hinge, lunge, carry. If you perform these movements in supersets, or circuits, you can finish your workout in 30 minutes or less or have the freedom to extend them by adding additional sets.

The following is a simple, no fluff, 3-day workout plan. You perform 4 sets of 3 exercises as a circuit before moving on to the second set of exercises. Each day you start with a different movement pattern so you’re not always emphasizing the same movement when you have the most energy. You can replace individual exercises as needed, but the movement patterns should stay the same.

The busier you are, the more important it is to be active. Saying you are too busy for exercise is like saying you are too busy to stop for gas because of how far you want to drive. When you remove the fluff from your workouts, and only focus on the essentials you can get in and out of the gym in less time than you think. Exercise will make the rest of your day more productive, not only will it improve your physical capacity, but your mental capacity as well.


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