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Is your mindset sabotaging your fitness goals?

Mindset matters

We all have a general idea of the things that we need to do to be healthy, so why is it such a hard task? Why can’t we put what we know into action?

Your mindset shapes how you approach roadblocks or difficulties, and how handle experiences. Think about how many decisions you make in a day. A lot of those decisions you make without even thinking about them, and without even knowing why you’re doing them. Your unconscious thoughts and decisions affect the way you approach your fitness and health just the same. If you start to dive into what some of those thoughts are, you might not like what you find. Things like:

  • I don’t deserve to look good

  • There’s no way I’ll ever look like

  • Eating bad foods makes me feel good

  • I don’t fit in with the “fit crowd”

With all those negative thoughts going on it’s no wonder making progress is such a difficult task. It’s time to clear out some of that clutter and take control of your thoughts and decisions. While it can take time to shift your mindset, here are some ways to begin the process.

Change what’s around you.

I hear it all the time, “I can’t stop eating X”. Then I show up to a client’s house and check out their pantry and food X is lining the shelves. Of course you can’t stop eating a certain food if you keep buying it! A simple way to start making changes in your mindset and decision-making process is to change the environment around you. If you have cravings for a certain food, don’t keep it in the house. If you’re struggling to eat more veggies, make sure you buy them at the store. If you struggle with overeating, buy smaller dishes and cups and only eat what fits onto one dish.

Change who’s around you.

If all of your social events include eating and drinking out, then even with the best intentions, it’s going to be very difficult to say no every time. If that's what your friends are doing, then start to have real conversations with them about what your health goals are, and what you’re trying to accomplish. You might find they are dealing with similar problems and want to join you on your journey. You can also look for other ways to socialize outside of eating and drinking. What other things do you enjoy? Invite your current friends to change routine and join you or look for groups to join to meet new friends. Find a workout buddy or group class to attend. If your current circle isn't willing to to support you, then you need to make some tough decisions to cut ties with those people.

Celebrate your wins.

When we make a small mistake, we almost always feel bad about it. But when we accomplish a small goal, we almost never feel good about it, it goes by unnoticed. Celebrating the progress you make cultivates a winning mindset, and instead of only noticing all the little slip ups, you'll begin to notice everything you're accomplishing. You don't need to be perfect to reach your goals; you just need to make steady progress. Focusing on your progress will provide you with continuous motivation and enforce your belief that you can make a change. When we do have slip ups, and you will, and that's perfectly fine, it's important to don your lab coat and view them as an observant scientist: What can you learn from this mistake? What steps can you implement to avoid making the same mistake in the future? Imagine everything you can continue to accomplish when you celebrate your small wins and avoid repeating mistakes!

Your mindset is pivotal to your decision-making process and in how you approach obstacles to your goals. It can take time to adjust your mindset, but by changing your environment, what and who is around you, and by celebrating your progress while learning from your mistakes, you can stimulate more growth.

Have more questions? Book a free consultation call, we’re happy to help you on your journey!

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