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Habit Based Coaching

Habit based coaching is the new craze, but really it's not new at all! You've probably seen ads for Noom or maybe you've heard of Precision Nutrition and wondered what it's all about. We've been implementing habit based coaching for years to help our clients reach their goals and maintain their progress for life. Habit based coaching takes your outcome goal, like losing 20 pounds, and breaks it down into small actionable habits that you can do everyday. These habits become a normal part of your routine and after building up a number of small habits, you've reached your goal and have created a lifestyle to maintain it! Check out the short video to learn a little more about habit based coaching and the rules we use to implement it with our clients!


Want help becoming the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of you?

Most of us know that eating well, regular activity, and managing our sleep and stress levels are important for a healthy life. Still, we struggle to apply that information into our already busy lives. That's why the Profectus Fitness coaching programs help you create a strategy to lose fat, get stronger, and improve your health, all in the context of your own life. We know that's the only way to keep those changes for good, no matter what situation you're in. If you'd like to chat about how you can start to change your life and reach your health and fitness goals, book a free, 10 minute call with one of our coaches today!

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