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Don’t have time to eat healthy? Think again.

Between work, chauffeuring for the kids, errands, social events, and whatever other craziness you have going on, it can feel impossible to even get a meal in. And a healthy meal? Not a chance.

Here are some quick tips to start eating a little healthier and turn the timer in your favor.

Buy a blender.

Breakfast is usually the first meal to go. Either you wake up not feeling super hungry, or the snooze button looks a lot better than the idea of cooking. The perfect solution: a zero prep meal you can take on the go and enjoy when the hunger hits a couple hours into your day. One of the first things we do with our clients is create a smoothie recipe they love to replace that morning coffee and bagel. Throw everything in the blender and 60 seconds later you’re ready to go. Our clients immediately feel more energized throughout the day, and even with only this one simple hack most people start to see body composition changes. Here are some ingredient ideas to get you started:

  • Frozen fruit, apples, bananas

  • Water, milk (soy, cow, nut, etc.)

  • Greens (buy in bulk and freeze to keep from going bad), pumpkin, cucumber, greens supplement

  • Greek yogurt

  • Nuts, nut butter, seeds, seed butter

  • Protein powder (whatever works for you, vegetable, soy, whey, etc.)

  • Oats, granola

If you do cook, cook extra.

You can tackle this one several different ways depending on the time challenges you face. It can be as simple as pre-chopping veggies, cooking extra protein or carb sources (baking a few extra chicken breasts, or making a couple extra servings of rice), or making extra servings of meals you cook. If you make a meal you love, put that freezer to better use; toss out the store-bought frozen meals and replace them with healthier options you cooked yourself.

Don’t be afraid to spend money on meal services.

Chances are you’re already eating meals out. With the increasing popularity of meal delivery services prices have become relatively inexpensive and there are plenty of healthy options to fit your needs. Choose between prepped meals you cook yourself, or precooked meals to reheat, or combine both to account for quick lunches at work and fun cooking experiences at home. Healthy personal chefs are also a great option. You get a little more customizability and you might be surprised by the price point!

Create a Sunday Ritual

Most of us have one day with a little extra free time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on Sunday, but use some of that extra time to make a plan for the week. What days will you have no time to cook and need some food pre-prepped? What meals are you going to make? What do you need at the grocery store and when can you make a trip? Having a plan in place will save you loads of time figuring out what to cook and prevent you from “accidentally” skipping meals.

When you do eat out, pick your poison.

Let’s face it, there will be times where you’re forced to make a slightly less healthy choice than you’d like, but here are a few ways to still stay on track.

  • Focus on portion sizes. If you’re stuck with a less healthy option, you can still control how much you eat. Focus on your body’s hunger cues, notice and name your food (where’s the protein, carbs, fats?), eat according to your goals, and save some for later.

  • Make it just a little bit healthier. Choose a side salad instead of fries. Toss off the bun. Buy fresh yogurt at the airport instead of a bag of chips. Whatever options you’re faced with, think about how you can improve them just a little bit on the healthy scale.

  • Accept your unhealthy choice for the day (make it a conscious decision). Don’t let it sabotage your progress, enjoy it and know you’ll get back on track at your next meal.

Our mission is to help busy people like you begin to make time for their health and fitness goals. Book a free consultation and let’s make a plan for your healthy future!

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