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Are you getting enough protein?

Protein is one of the three main macronutrients (the other two are fat and carbohydrate.) Protein is made up of amino acids which are the important building blocks for most structures in our bodies.

Your body stores only a small amount of amino acids. Protein is constantly being used and if we don't get enough protein our bodies will start to use it from other sources, like muscles.

That makes getting enough protein vitally important for your health and performance.

The basic recommendation for protein intake is around 0.36 g per pound to prevent protein deficiency, but that doesn't mean that amount is optimal for your health.

For active people, protein needs might go up to about 0.64-0.9 g/lb.

The most we need to consume throughout the day for protein synthesis probably isn’t more than 1.4 – 2.0 g/kg.

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