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What Makes PF Different

Our focus is not just to get people moving but moving better. We believe in coaching, not just working out, so our clients are always learning new things; perfecting movement, correct muscle and joint function, and healthy nutritional habits.

Nearly every client we’ve worked with has aches or pain that they attribute to a past injury or “getting old”. One of our biggest goals is to never hear those words again. Movement disfunction from past injuries, muscular deficiencies, or postural imbalances can be corrected by teaching the body proper mechanics. We focus on movement, function, neuromuscular control, and moving pain free to ensure that everyone we work with performs, looks, and feels better.

Reteaching how we move is our main objective in our training programs, and reteaching behaviors is our objective when providing nutrition services. It does no one any good to jump on the newest fad diet for 30 days only to go back to their old habits after the program is up. Instead we use behavior change techniques to slowly adjust your eating routine to fit your lifestyle while promoting good health.

The final piece to the puzzle is building a strong social support network for our clients. The direct correlation between having strong social support and whether you succeed or fail in reaching your goals is astonishing, but often goes unnoticed. We strive to bring together like-minded people, going through similar issues, with similar goals, that can encourage as well as keep each other accountable.

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