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Your dream body in just 2, 20-minute sessions a week.

In-Home Personal Trainer in Cherry Creek

At Active Wave, we make it easy to get the assistance and motivation you need to get into shape. With our in-home personal training services, you can work out effectively in the comfort of your own house. We bring advanced EMS equipment to your property to help you supercharge your workouts and make sure that you see results. Schedule our services today by calling (720) 238-2327.

In-House Personal Training Makes Sense


If your busy schedule has prevented you from sticking with a workout program before, then an in-home fitness trainer might be exactly what you need. Our coaches will bring our revolutionary EMS suits to your house, allowing you to get a full-body workout without any additional equipment. We are your best resource if you are looking for the best way to fit exercise into your routine without compromises. 


Some of the benefits of hiring our in-home trainers are:

  • Convenient and saves you time

  • Provides privacy and comfort

  • Keeps you accountable

  • Personalized attention

  • No extra equipment required

  • And more

Here's what you can expect from your in-home coaching program:

Over the course of your program we'll help you improve your health, get stronger, lose weight, and create healthy lifestyle habits no matter what life throws at you.

The best fitness technology

We use the best EMS fitness technology to give you better results faster. Lose fat, build muscle, and get out of pain without living in the gym.

Life changing results

Our programs will help you achieve your current goals so you can create new ones and explore what you never knew was possible for yourself.

No more crash diets

Stop trying diets that don't stick. We'll help you develop healthy eating habits that allow you to enjoy food and reach your goals.

Get the support you need

We remove the guesswork and give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way.

A plan that fits your life

We start with your goals and break them up into the small daily habits you'll need to get there. You'll develop your habits until they're second nature and last a lifetime.

100% guaranteed

Our systems have worked for hundreds of clients and we're confident they will work for you. But no matter what, we have you covered - reach your goals or it's free.


Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS, Active Wave

Book a Consultation

Schedule a 10 minute phone call to discuss your goals and book a free trial session.

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS, Active Wave

Join the AW

Complete your free trial session and consultation and choose a program that fits your goals and needs.

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS, Active Wave

Find Success

Through Progress

Work with our coaches to implement your plan and reach your goals. 

EMS Training in Your Home

Our electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) devices work by using electrical impulses to increase your body’s natural muscle contractions while exercising. This results in more muscle fibers being activated during your workouts and, therefore, more effective training. The benefits of EMS have long been documented in physiotherapy, and it is rapidly growing as a fitness tool—discover these benefits for yourself by reaching out to us. 


Efficient In-Home Workouts

One of the main reasons people try to find a personal trainer to come to their location is to avoid wasting time with their fitness routine. With this in mind, we proudly provide highly effective workout programs that allow our clients to see results without a large time commitment. Eliminate your travel time and achieve your fitness goals with as little as two 20-minute sessions a week.


At-Home Trainers with a History of Success

At Active Wave, we can confidently say that we have helped many individuals surpass their expectations with their fitness. Our experts will help you identify your goals and problem areas and then develop the best program for your needs. We have already created many success stories with our in-home training services, and we hope that we can count you among them soon.

Benefits of EMS training

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS


EMS training is the most effective and efficient way to build lean muscle.

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS


Restore proper muscular function to correct imbalances. 


Achieve the results of a 90-minute training in just 20 minutes.

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS
Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS



Get a complete workout without adding any stress to your joints.

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS


Easily strengthen weak musculature to improve posture.

Personal Training, Denver, XBody EMS


Combine strength training with cardio to build muscle and shred fat.

Personal Trainers That Will Accommodate Your Schedule

We work hard to ensure our services are as convenient as possible for all of our clients. In order to ensure that our services do not interfere with your daily routine, we make sure to help you schedule your sessions at a time that makes sense for you. You can count on us to arrive precisely when scheduled and fully prepared to deliver a quality workout. 


Speak with a Certified Personal Trainer

If you are curious about the advantages of our at-home training and would like to ask us some questions about our services, we invite you to give us a call at (720) 238-2327. One of our helpful staff members will gladly address any concerns you have and help you schedule a consultation.