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10 Tips to Eating Well on the Go

Life happens. Taking your kids to soccer practice, or band recital. Travelling for work. Going on vacation. You name it, something is always going to be fighting for your time and your ability to make healthy choices.

Enter the on-the-go “health bar”, a handful of nuts, or a couple bites of fruit. These go from once-in-a-while snacks to full meal replacements, as we daydream of some distant future where extra time will finally present itself.

The truth is that future is never going to come, and we need strategies in place to combat the busy lifestyle to ensure your healthy eating habits remain a priority. Here are 10 easy strategies to help you out:

  • Have a plan

For the most part, you know ahead of time when you’re going to be super busy, or travel is coming up. Look ahead and make a plan for success. Find healthy food options near your hotel, set up a meal service, prepare healthy snacks.

  • Find your bare minimum

Healthy eating should be on a scale, not all or nothing. Decide what your bare minimum looks like; a serving of veggies, no skipped meals, or even just making conscious choices.

  • Make conscious choices

If you’re on vacation, eating healthy might not be a priority to you. You might be relishing a break from your good habits and anticipating a bit of a splurge. These things are totally fine if you’re consciously making the choice to do so. This realization will help you jump back into your normal routine on your arrival home.

  • Don’t let hunger control you

Realize that it’s ok to be hungry for a little bit. You can go a few hours without eating if you don’t like the choices in front of you.

  • Think better, not perfect

Again, we want to think of healthy eating on a scale. You might not have perfect options, but chance are some options will be better than others. Always be thinking: how can I make a slightly better choice?

  • Eat before you go

If you know you have a busy day ahead or an event schedule, eat before you go. If you’re already full when you get there, you will be less tempted to make unhealthy choices.

  • Pack a snack

Come up with a few options you know you enjoy and have them prepared ahead of time. Salads with leftover protein, homemade bars, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or raw veggies with hummus or nut butter are all great options.

  • Bring carry-ons

Things like sandwiches, fruit and veggies, cheese, and nuts can all be stored in your carry-on luggage for a flight. Bring these with to avoid having to find airport or gas station food.

  • Book a room with a kitchen

Book a room in a hotel with a kitchen or find an Airbnb so you can keep cooking while you’re travelling.

  • Choose menu items carefully

When you do eat out, be cautious of hidden ingredients. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s in a dish or for substitutions. Mix and match different food items to make a meal you know is healthy.

Most of us have an idea of what we should and should not be eating, but finding ways and creating strategies to make better choices in your everyday, busy, and stressful life can be tough. If you need more guidance, consider one of our coaching options to reach your health and fitness goals.

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